Quadruple your conversion rate

Leverage the power of the Messenger platform to collect data
about your customer on your website and put your data to work
with true personalized marketing.

10X The Conversion Rate VS Email.
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Increase conversion rates shopify
recover more abandoned carts shopify

Recover 10X more abandoned carts

Over 90% of your website visitors do not convert. Current retargeting methods work
but you have to pay for them. Leverage the Messenger platform to recover 10X more
abandoned carts with almost $0 in ad spend.

15-20% Conversion Rate VS Email.
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Nurture email list or shopify list

Nurture your audience faster

No more 15% open rates, 1-5% click-through rates and less than 99%
Deliverability. Leverage the Messenger platform to nurture your audience
faster with 99.9% deliverability, 90% Open Rates, and 30% Click-through Rates.

Plus 10X The Conversion Rate VS Email.
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Increase LTV Shopify

Increase LTV with receipts & Upsells

Over 67% of brands leave their customers in the dark after a purchase. Using Messenger
Receipts, you can re-engage your customers to ensure they are happy with their order.
Use their purchase history to recommend products they are more likely to purchase.

146% LTV Lift VS Email.
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Automate customer service shopify

Automate your customer service

Combine the power of AI and automation with your hard-working CS Team to deliver
outstanding customer service instantly and around the clock. With the power of
Automation, brands can automate all of their FAQs.

At Least 51% of Issues Handled with AI.
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Send order updates shopify

Send Order Updates dynamically

A sale is more than a transaction. Act like it.
Automatically send order updates to your customers around the clock. No more angry
customer service calls or cancellation threats via email and Facebook Messenger.

16% Retention Lift.
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